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KillerTakes is currently expanding its voice. While I am sure that every semi-regular reader would agree that they could never get tired of reading my exceptional prose, something tells me that the things I write about don’t exactly reach a big demographic, considering every other blog mentions something about diarrhea all over my living room, or exploding out of every hole on my body.

KillerTakes already has a kid that’s going to start contributing one or two small 400 word blogs everyday after he returns from Thanksgiving break (nothing like a little ‘resume blogging experience’ to coerce some young-ing into free labor.

  • Okay so basically, we’r looking for someone to do just that. I really want to get someone else signed on that is willing to chip in about 3 blogs per week, each blog being about 400-500 words. The blogs can be about pretty much anything but politics. Don’t think that really needs any explanation why there.

KillerTakes, above all else, is entertaining. You may find yourself amidst a blog that makes you gag, laugh, or even furious and you may hate the author and want to refute their take (which I strongly encourage), KillerTakes will keep you reading till the end.

So you Don’t need any experience in blogging or writing. If you think you are funny or can bring some unique thoughts to the table and want some experience then contact me at this email:

.Org websites provide a service. You legally can write whatever you want for a .Org website under the guise that your service you’re providing is blogs for entertainment. This is a once in a  life-time chance that the younger blogger or writer might not get again.


Guest Bloggers– If you are looking to tell a really funny story that happened to you and want to tell it with us, we’re always looking for guest bloggers. Unlike more regular bloggers, we’d like the Guest Bloggers to write a bit longer of a piece. It should be a more personal and funny or just plain outlandish story–rather than just talking about something that was relevant in the news (we have people for that..or at-least, we have a person for that…we will have people for that come Thanksgiving).

If you want to be a guest blogger, fill out this form and write a short paragraph synopsis of what happened and I’ll (most Likely) approve it within a day!