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CDC finds that Puppies caused spread of infection–Would you risk these symptoms to play with the pups?


First of all, the article that initially reported on the CDC finding embellished almost every important part of the article to make the infection seem so much worse than it was.

The article said, “Puppies to blame for sickening hundreds of people” in  “multiple states.” Firstly, only 118 people got sick. I guess any number over 100 classifies as ‘hundreds.’ Secondly, “multiple states” was referring to more than one state.

And all that might be excusable if the infection was deadly as the article implies, but it ins’t deadly at all. In fact, the article only listed one symptom associated with the bacteria, Camplyobacter: diarrhea.

Yeah, no doubt I’d trade diarrhea to play with those lovable as fuck little shits.

Those puppies are so fucking it burns my insides. Maybe that’s diarrhea. You could tell me the diarrhea was going to travel up to my stomach and implode in my esophagus, killing me in the process, and I’d still trade it to play with the puppers.

Classic media complaining about nothing, just trying to change public perception of puppies, and make you fear random illnesses. Puppies are not the enemy, ABC. Watch Isle of Dogs for references, ABC.

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