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Other TV Series Will Finally have a Fighting Chance as Game of Thrones Will Not be Eligible for the 2019 Emmy’s

Most blogs about TV shows, movies, books, porn, etc., begin the blog by telling the reader what the thing they’re writing about is. But if you need someone to explain what Game of Thrones is to you in 2018 you might want to just check into a psych ward because you’re too far gone.

The last season of thrones was supposed to be released in April of 2019, but the people on the opposite end of the spectrum (compared to the people that have never heard of thrones) figured out that GoT would be released a bit later than most expect. In an interview with HuffingtonPost, Joseph Bauer, who is GoT’s visual effects supervisor, said that the show will be eligible for the 2020 Emmy’s because they expect most of the shows (six) to be aired after May 31st of 2019.

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For once, Thrones won’t win every category. Maybe one of bazillion dog-shit Netflix Originals will get some sunlight. The Emmy’s should put “Friends from College,” up there in a category called, “Zaniest Series that Best Resembles the After-product of a Laxative Overdose.”

But yeah, everything from June 26th to May 31st will be considered for the 2019 Emmy’s, and from June on is 2020 territory.

The 2019 Emmy’s are now one of the most anticipated events since seal team six fucked bin laden. The 2020 Emmy’s will be a wash. SPOILER: GoT win’s every category, even Zaniest Series that Best Resembles the After-product of a Laxative Overdose.

Does anyone really even care about having the watch the first episode of thrones a month later? It’s one thing if the entire season was released int eh same say so you could binge watch the whole thing in one night. But nothing really changse with the later release. Don’t you remember when you watched the last episode of season 7, don’t you remeber thinking, “damn.. the final season is so far away that it feels like it’ll just never come out.”

What fans should truly be worried about is real life Jobba the Hut making it to the release of the final season so we know what happens is exactly how Goerge R.R. Martin intended. God forbid that the writers and producers of GoT actually contribute any work at all.

Plus, I am 110% sure that the Night King is to win it all, ending humanity for a new, more advanced species to survive as the reigning creatures on Earth. Because unless human’s prove themselves as the peak of evolution, theoretically we’d reign on earth until Earth’s destruction. However, if another species came along and it was more evolved and adapted to thrive as the strongest species, in theory, they’d eventually out-populate humans and take control.

And G.R.R.M. is super into history and it;s ability to repeat itself, plus he has a boner for doing the exact opposite of what his fans want to see. See below.


I didn’t proofread this. I Told my editor to do it, but he didn’t feel like it (lmao I am my own editor).

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